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Love Room, suite, appartements, chambre avec spa ou jacuzzi privatif pour un week end en amoureux ou une escapade romantique.


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An Enchanted Weekend in Béziers

Béziers, pearl of the South of France, offers a perfect romantic getaway for couples looking for a memorable weekend. Between history, culture and gastronomy, discover the essential activities to experience a magical moment for two.

Walk along the Canal du Midi
Start your getaway gently by strolling along the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hand in hand, enjoy the calm and serenity that this picturesque place provides.

Visit to Old Béziers
Explore the winding streets of Old Béziers, steeped in history and charm. Admire the medieval architecture, Saint-Nazaire Cathedral and panoramic views from Saint-Jacques Hill.

Wine tasting
Béziers is at the heart of the wine country of Languedoc. Visit the wineries that are local to a wine tasting in love. Enjoy the rich flavors and subtle aromas of the region.

Cruise on the river Orb
Opt for a romantic cruise on the river Orb at sunset. Enjoy a different perspective of the city and share magical moments aboard a houseboat.

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Lunch and dinner
Check out the food scene, local dining in one of the charming restaurants of Béziers. Mediterranean dishes, prepared with love you are waiting for an unforgettable dining experience.

Concert or Show
See the cultural programming local to attend a concert or a show. Béziers often offers a number of arts events that add a special touch to your weekend.

Beach of Valras-Plage
Finish your weekend in style as you relax on the beach of Valras-Plage, just a few miles from Béziers. Enjoy the sun, waves, and the privacy offered by this unspoilt beach.


Check out the places to discover and the calendar on the website of the Office of Tourism of Portitagnes

Good addresses 
The Imprevu Restaurant, bar, lounge
Bamboo beach Cocktail, restaurant, tapas
My dream child The cosy Restaurant of the year
The 7th Wave Restaurant, ice cream parlour, bar